Posted on 21 Apr 2013
The calendar indicates all camp days available for the entire year. Please call for more detailed information and pricing...954-255-7185...HAPPY CAMPING!<br /><br /><center> <img border="0" align="none" alt="" src=""><br /><br />Camp Counselor Samantha O'Hagen shared her feelings about Camp Malachi.<br />"My parents did not think that horseback riding camp would be my thing-but they were sure wrong! 13 years after my first camp day I'm still having a blast and using all the skills taught to me on that very first day, from basic horsemanship to how important teamwork is, whether it be with horses or humans. Malachi Acres has given me memories I will cherish forever along with life knowledge and goals that will help me in everyday life. I am so happy I am now able to share those gifts I have learned with excited beginner horse lovers!"

Saddle Up for Spring Break Camp!
Posted on 01 Mar 2013
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Posted on 10 Jan 2013
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Malachi Riders Shine at PHA Open Show
Posted on 19 Dec 2012
<center><img border="0" align="none" alt="" src=""><br /><br />Congratulations to all our riders at the PHA Open Show on December 9! Special kudos to Megan Thompson, W/T Reserve Champion and Greye Swalina, Grand Champion!!!</center>

Posted on 26 Nov 2012
<center><img border="0" align="none" alt="" src=""></center><br />Yes, it's time to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY CHANUKAH, AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holiday Horse Camp registration forms are now available at the barn. Tuition information is posted on the form. Register soon, lots to plan! If you can't get to the barn, contact Debbie or Donice - we can email the form to you. Also, the annual Holiday Horse Decorating contest will be on Monday the 24th so let Debbie or Donice know if you have a specific team and horse in mind.

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