Since many of our clients come to us by word of mouth, we thought the following testimonials would give visitors to our site an idea of how others view us. We thank the authors for their inspiring words of encouragement…

  • “The fact that I was referred to Donice by the owner of another barn not accepting new students was an immediate indication to me that Malachi Acres was someplace special. On my first visit to the barn with my daughter, I found it to be exceptionally clean and the animals to be incredibly well cared for. The parents of other riders (some having been at Malachi Acres for numerous years) raved about the degree of safety, instruction and dedication routinely exhibited on part of the entire staff. Based on what I saw for myself and heard from other parents, in addition to the fact that it seemed to be financially manageable (much to my surprise), we decided to give it a try. A year and a half later, I continue to marvel at the extraordinary experience provided for my nine year old daughter by Miss Donice, Miss Debbie and all the wonderful trainers and counselors who commit so much of themselves to enhancing my daughter’s self-esteem, compassion, discipline, responsibility and overall enjoyment while at all times ensuring her safety. My daughter came to them with no more experience than having been led around on ponies at Tradewinds Park. She now has quite a command of the horse through the use of Dressage and looks forward to competing in shows someday soon”
    S. Klages, Coral Springs
  • “The Muccio Family provides unprecedented care to my daughter’s show horse. Every detail to their immaculate boarding/lesson facility is looked after with personalized, careful thought. They consistently role model horsemanship, fun, safety and friendship in a relaxed, quiet and peaceful environment”
    D. Friedland, Parkland
  • “Malachi Acres has the combination of people and environment that allows each rider to feel comfortable and take the sport of horseback riding to the level they each want. This is a wonderful and nurturing horse loving place where horseback riding is taken very seriously and where people, horses and the sport find a capsule of equilibrium for one another
    E. Sugar, Boca Raton
  • “The staff at Malachi Acres have both a true love for horses and a love for people combined with a strong belief in the importance of safety to protect both. It’s a place my daughter never wants to come home from!”
    P. Wiggins, Coral Springs
  • ”Jamie has developed a great amount of confidence in her abilities at Malachi Acres. She is comfortable riding a variety of horses in a variety of ways. In addition to riding, Jamie has learned how to tack and groom horses and how to be safe around them”
    Renee W., Coral Springs
  • “We would like to thank Miss Debbie for giving Paula the opportunity to discover a new world –all about horses- this summer. As parents we were VERY pleased how these two weeks went and all what Paula learned. Again, it is going to be very hard to find a place as close to a “Malachi Acres” in Maryland!”..
    Mrs. Bosch, Parkland
  • “We came to Malachi Acres almost 5 years ago because our daughter Hannah wanted to learn to ride. Little did we know that we would find a “second family” at this barn. The instructors are warm and truly caring, and the friends that our daughter has made will be good friends for life. Not only has Hannah become an accomplished equestrian, she has learned sportsmanship, teamwork and perseverance"
    Stacy F., Parkland
  • “My daughter Rachel has been taking private riding lessons at Malachi Acres for about a year and a half. She has also attended the summer camp and year round activities. While my daughter enjoys the sport and the horses, I see her learning invaluable lessons. The staff at Malachi Acres makes my family feel very much at home in it’s warm, nurturing and most of all safe environment. The camp and after school activities not only teach the children to ride, it educates them on the health and maintenance of a large animal as well as responsibility. The atmosphere also creates camaraderie, among the older and younger children as well as the more experienced and less experienced. Children being responsible, helping one another and learning while having a great time makes Malachi Acres a place to learn valuable lessons!”
    Lori P., Parkland
  • “We board two horses at Malachi Acres and from the amount of time our children spend at the stable one would think they too boarded there. All three of our children learned to ride at Malachi Acres and Torie (now 16 years old) works with the children’s camp between her own training and show schedule. At our house, horses are serious fun and serious business, with safety being the most important aspect of any horse related activity. Steve and Donice Muccio, and the whole Malachi staff see to it that safety is in first place every day. Through the years, Malachi has become a true second home for our children and Steve and Donice have become good friends. They, and the other adults, provide the types of role models we all want for our children, and the care they provide for our horses reflect more than just a business, but an understanding and love of our over-large, hoofed pets. The positive environment and training provided at Malachi Acres reflects the personal commitment and values that the Muccio’s bring to everything they do, and we are pleased to be a part of that family”
    J. Bishop, Boca Raton
  • “When a riding barn has so many school horses, safe and beautiful, to share with riders of all ages, you’ve found a rare and wonderful gem. When your riding instructors, your mentors in fact, provide excellent equestrian knowledge, an atmosphere for personal growth and acceptance as a rider at any skill level, you’ve found heaven on earth. This is Malachi Acres, a lesson and board barn so inviting, once you’re there you have to stay”
    L. Smith, rider and horse owner for 27 years

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